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Usnisa Vijaya Statue 3.0"

Usnisa Vijaya Statue 3.0"

⏱Vintage: 1980s

☞Handmade: 100%

⚒Materials: Bronze

☲Size: 3.0" × 2.56"

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This Usnisa Vijaya statue was collected from gerze, Tibet.
It is made of bronze,size is 3.0 × 2.56 inches,about 40 years old.

100% Handmade
Pendant material:bronze
Pattern:Usnisa Vijaya
Height: 76mm / 3.0 inches
Width: 65mm / 2.56inches

❤ABOUT Usnisa Vijaya
Usnisa Vijaya ("Victorious One with Ushnisha"; Tibetan: གཙུག་གཏོར་རྣམ་རྒྱལ་མ།, Wylie: gtsug tor rnam rgyal ma, THL: Tsuktor Namgyelma; Mongolian: Бизьяа, Намжилмаа, Жүгдэрнамжилмаа, "Crested Ultimate Tara"; Chinese: 佛頂尊勝佛母) is a buddha of longevity in Buddhism.
She wears an image of Vairocana in her headdress. With Amitayus and Sitatara, she constitutes the three Buddhas of long life.
She is one of the more well-known Buddhist divinities in Nepal, Tibet, and Mongolia.
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