Gandhanra ART

We pray to assit your improvement.

Handcrafted Tibetan Crafts for Peace, Harmony, and Artistic Heritage

Welcome to Gandhanra, where we celebrate the essence of Gandhanra, the goddess of singing and dancing in Buddhism. We are a group of artisans from Hepo Township, Baiyu County in Tibet, dedicated to using ancient Tibetan handicrafts to create exquisite Tibetan Buddhist crafts.

Since September 2003, our mission has been to share meticulously handcrafted Tibetan artifacts that embody the beauty and traditions of Tibet.

Each of our crafts is meticulously handmade, carrying the essence of Tibetan traditions and culture. We take immense pride in the precision, dedication, and attention to detail that goes into creating each and every piece.

By supporting Gandhanra, you not only keep the Tibetan tradition alive but also align yourself with our philosophy of peace and harmony. Your contribution helps sustain our craft and continue our artistic heritage.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for joining us on this journey and for choosing our handcrafted Tibetan crafts.

May they bring you peace, harmony, and a deeper connection to the rich traditions of Tibet.

With warm regards,
The Gandhanra Team