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Blessed in Kathok Monastery

⏱Vintage: Origional Version - 17th Century

☞Handmade: Giclee Print,Hand Framed

⚒Materials: Mineral Pigment,Canvas,Cotton

☲Size: 48" × 32"

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❤This series thangka comes from the Kathok Monastery,made for belivers and blessed by lama.
The original version is from the 15th century,painted on cotton with ground mineral pigment.
The pattern is printed on Tibetan cotton,the frame is hand framed by Tibetan craftsmen.

Material:Mineral Pigment,Canvas,Cotton
Print type:giclee printed
The front is covered with silk to protect Thangka
With exquisite wooden painting shaft and lanyard

Height:120cm / 47.2"
Top width:66cm / 26"
Bottom width:82cm / 32.3"
Core Size: 60cm(Height) 40cm(Width) * (about 23.6" * 15.8")

There are a total of 8 different colors for you to choose, please select the color number when you purshace.
Frames of different colors may vary in size, please understand.

❤ABOUT Avalokitesvara
In Buddhism, Avalokitesvara, is a tenth-level bodhisattva associated with great compassion (mahakaruṇā). He is often associated with Amitabha Buddha. Avalokiteśvara has numerous manifestations and is depicted in various forms and styles. In some texts, he is even considered to be the source of all Hindu deities (such as Vishnu, Shiva, Saraswati, Brahma, etc).
Avalokitesvara is an important deity in Tibetan Buddhism. He is regarded in the Vajrayana teachings as a Buddha.
Avalokitesvara is also known for his popular mantra, oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ, which is the most popular mantra in Tibetan Buddhism.

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