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Silver Bead Counter Clips

Silver Bead Counter Clips

☞Handmade: 100%

⏱Vintage: Recently (After 2005)

⚒Materials: Sterling silver

☲Size: 15 - 22mm

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The price is single clip,please choose your favorite type.

These bum counter clips are handmade by Tibetan craftsmen and come from Hepo Town, Baiyu County, the birthplace of the famous Tibetan handicrafts.
Tibetan style counter used on malas/prayer beads to keep count of mantra recitation and accumulation.

Recommended size, suitable for 8-15mm mala.
The background reference is 8mm lotus seed mala.

100% Handmade
Pendant material:Sterling silver
Size & Weight
1.Gesang Flower Clip: 15 × 9mm, 1 gram
2.Vajra Clip: 16 × 7mm, 1.4 gram
3. Bodhi Leaf Clip: 18 × 8mm, 1.5 gram
4.Mani Jewel Clip: 18 × 9mm, 2 gram
5.Swastika Clip: 22 × 14mm, 2.6 gram
6.Prayer Wheel Clip: 21 × 17mm, 3.3 gram

❤About bum counter
In certain Vajrayana practices there is an emphasis on keeping count of one's accumulation of mantras or prayers. In these instances one may commit to accumulating 10,000 or 100,000 or even a million of a specific mantra. Hence mantra-counters have been developed.

To count 10,000 mantra recitations, we use the bum counter. After finish the first 10,000 mantra recitations, you put the bum counter after the first bead next to the guru bead. After finish the second 10,000 recitations, take off the bum counter and put it after the second bead...and continue like this.

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