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Old Mahamayuri

Old Mahamayuri

Blessed in Kathok Monastery

☞Handmade: Giclee Print,Hand Framed

⏱Vintage: Before 2004

⚒Materials: Mineral Pigment,Canvas,Cotton

☲Size: 48" × 32"

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Frame Type

❤This image is Mahamayuri,Peacock Wisdom Queen,original painting is 12th century CE,Heian Period,Japan.
This replica is giclee print with mineral pigments,and hand framed.
Giclee print (French Giclée) is an exact replica of the original thangka, made with high-resolution digital print on tibetan canvas and produced in limited edition.

❤Please note:
This picture is 100% consistent with the original painting.
No beautification or restoration has been done, and the original details, such as scratches, are retained.

Material: Tibetan cloth,canvas,silk
Type : mineral pigments giclee print,hand frame
Original Painting Size : 58.2 x 39 inches (148 x 99 cm)

❤Frame Size
Top width:66cm / 26"
Bottom width:82 cm / 32"
Height:120cm / 48"

❤Frame Color:
There are a total of 8 different colors for you to choose, please select the color number when you purshace.
Frames of different colors may vary in size, please understand.

❤ABOUT Mahamayuri
Mahamayuri (Sanskrit: महामायूरी Mahāmāyūrī ("great peacock"), Chinese: 孔雀明王 Kǒngquè Míngwáng, Vietnamese: Khổng Tước Minh Vương, Japanese: 孔雀明王, romanized: Kujaku Myōō, Korean: 공작명왕 Gongjak Myeongwang), or Mahāmāyūrī Vidyārājñī is a bodhisattva and female Wisdom King in Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism. In the latter tradition, Mahamayuri is a popular practice in both the Chinese and Japanese forms of Vajrayana. She is also the name of one of the five protective goddesses in Buddhism.

Name and origin
The Sanskrit name Mahāmāyūrī means 'great peahen'. Known as the 'Queen of the secret sciences' and the 'Godmother of Buddha', Mahamayuri is believed to have the power to protect devotees from poisoning, either physical or spiritual. In Buddhism, her demeanor is in contrast to the wrathful attitudes of male personifications of the Wisdom Kings.

The Mahamayuri text is a Buddhist dharani-genre text, containing magical incantations to treat snake bites, poisons and other maladies.Mahamayuri's dharani was translated into Chinese by Kumārajīva between 402 and 412 CE. It contains the only mention of the Rig Veda in the entire Chinese Buddhist canon.

Her origins are said to derive from an Indian goddess of the same name. She is one of the Nepali pañcarakṣā deities, where she is the chief of the five rakṣā (守護) in the five parasol configuration, occupying the northern position. Unlike her four companions of the pañcarakṣā she appears to have had a fairly well-developed cult in India.

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