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6mm Cold Iron Prayer Bead Counters with Gesang Flower Pendant

6mm Cold Iron Prayer Bead Counters with Gesang Flower Pendant

Fit for 8-15mm mala


⏱Vintage: Before 2004

⚒Materials: Cold Iron,Leather Rope


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The list is a pair of cold iron prayer bead counters,fit for 8-15mm mala (the reference is 8mm bodhi mala)

Elevate your meditation and spiritual practice with this set of Tibetan Handmade Bead Counters, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans from Hepo Town, Baiyu County. Known for their mastery in Tibetan handicrafts, these bead counters offer a profound connection to Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Each set includes two counter strings, meticulously designed for mala beads ranging from 8mm to 15mm, making them perfect companions for your mala.

100% Handmade
Pendant material:cold iron
Pattern:gesang flower
Bead Diameter:6mm / 0.24"
Flower Diameter:12mm / 0.47"
Length: 100mm / 3.95 "

❤How to use bead counters
From the above picture, you will see there are two counter strings, 10 counter beads and a dorje or bell (the most common Tibetan Buddhist sacred ritual objects) on each attached to your mala.. Counting with Dorje and Bell When counting very large numbers of mantra recitations, it is helpful to have some additional counters attached to your malas. One of the strings has the dorje at the end, and the other the bell. Where these strings are placed on the mala is totally up to you. Tibetans usually have theirs after the 6th bead on either side of the guru bead, but that is for no special reason and you can put them wherever you like.

We use the dorje counter to keep count of each circuit of 100 that we make on the mala. So each time you finish one circuit, you will pull forward one bead on the dorje counter to the top of the counter. After 10 circuits of the mala, you will have moved all 10 beads on your dorje counter, and you will have recited 1000 mantras. After that, you will move one bead forward to the top on the bell counter, to symbolize 1000 mantras counted. Then you begin again with a new circuit on your mala, and once you have made a new circuit, you move one of the dorje counter beads forward, and continue like this. With a dorje and bell counter, you can count up to 10,000 mantra recitations.

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