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Vajrasattva Tsa Tsa Mold 2.95“

Vajrasattva Tsa Tsa Mold 2.95“

⏱Vintage: 1990s

☞Handmade: 100%

⚒Materials: Copper

☲Size: 2.95" × 2.6"

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❤This Vajrasattva Tsa-Tsa is made by Tibetan craftsmen in Hepo Town, Baiyu County.
It is made of brass,yellow color,the shaple is Vajrasattva,about 2.8inches height.

❤ With this exquisite mold, you can use clay to make your own Buddha statue as a decoration or gift.
The statue that you make from your moulds can be left plain or painted.

You can learn how to make your statue with this video

Material: copper
Craft: Manual mold, pouring
Height:about 75mm / 2.95inches
Width :about 63mm / 2.5inches
Thickness:about 55mm / 2.16inches

1. Oil the mold to prevent the clay from sticking
2. Place the mold on the prepared clay
3. Press or hammer the mold hard to shape the clay and take out the blank
4. Dry the blank naturally, let it dry completely
5. (Optional) Bake it in the oven to enhance its hardness, just like pottery
6. (Optional) You can even paint it yourself.

❤You'll get 1pc Buddha statue mold as pictures shown.
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