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Stupa Amulet Pendant 2.1"

Stupa Amulet Pendant 2.1"

⏱Vintage: 1990s

☞Handmade: 100%

⚒Materials: Cold Iron,Copper

☲Size: 2.1" × 0.47"

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❤This beautiful stupa pendant is hand carved by Tibetan craftsmen from Tibet in 1990's.
From Hepo Town, Baiyu County, the birthplace of the famous Tibetan handicrafts.
It was made of cold iron,inlaid copper wire,2.1 inches height,0.47 inch width.
You can make it a pendant, or put it in your shrine.

100% Handmade
Pendant material:cold iron
Pattern: Pagoda,Buddhist Tower
Length: 53mm / 2.1 inches
Diameter: 12mm /0.47 inches

A stupa (Sanskrit: स्तूप, lit. 'heap', IAST: stūpa) is a mound-like or hemispherical structure containing relics (such as śarīra – typically the remains of Buddhist monks or nuns) that is used as a place of meditation.A related architectural term is a chaitya , which is a prayer hall or temple containing a stupa.

In Buddhism, circumambulation or pradakhshina has been an important ritual and devotional practice since the earliest times, and stupas always have a pradakhshina path around them.

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