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Snow Lion Seal,Naga Symbol

Snow Lion Seal,Naga Symbol

⏱Vintage: 1980s

☞Handmade: 100%

⚒Materials: Copper,Brass

☲Size: 1.41" × 0.51"

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❤These vintage stamps were handmade from tibet,about 40 years old.
They're made of copper/brass,carved snow lion and lucky cloud pattern on the body,the Naga symbol seal on the bottom,means good luck and bless.
The symbol of the seal is Naga God, snake or dragon in Hinduism and Buddhism,also looks like the OM symbol.
You can make it into a necklace or keyring pendant, or just place it on your desk as a decoration.

Material: copper/brass
Color: Yellow/Brown
Height:36mm /1.41" Inches
Width: 13m /0.51" Inches
The yellow one is a bit big.
You'll get 1* Stamp as pictures shown.

❤About Tibetan Seal
Seals are printing stamps and impressions thereof - used for centuries in East Asia - often in lieu of signatures as a stamp of authorship. They may function to represent a family, business, organisation or individual, and may be scriptural or pictorial designs.
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