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Skull Vajra Amulet 1.2"

Skull Vajra Amulet 1.2"

⏱Vintage: Recently (After 2005)

☞Handmade: 100%

⚒Materials: Copper

☲Size: 1.2" × 0.7"

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❤This skull vajra pendant was handmade by Tibetan craftsmen and come from Hepo Town, Baiyu County, the birthplace of the famous Tibetan handicrafts.
It's made of copper, whole body is blcak,the front is skull and the back is vajra,size is 30mm × 18mm.

You can make it into a necklace, or just put it on your altar,as an offering ritual.


  • Material: thokcha
  • Color:black
  • Height:about 30mm / 1.2 inches
  • Width:about 18mm / 0.7 inches

❤Free Gift :

  • Black Cowhide Cord
  • Length:68cm / 26.8inches
  • Width:4mm / 0.16inches

You'll get 1 * amulet as pictures shown.

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