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Melong 1.65"

Melong 1.65"

⏱Vintage: 1990s

☞Handmade: 100%

⚒Materials: Red Copper

☲Size: 2.0" × 1.65"

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❤This amulet was collected in Baiyu County Tibet,about 30 years old.
It's a Astrology Protective Amulet Pendant,made of red copper.
The pattern is Tibetan Budhist Protective Amulet Pendant - SIPAHO(srid pa ho).

SIPAHO Melong Amulet on the cord,when on a go or travelling, it's placed as a waist badge.
You can make it into pendant,keychain, bag hanging,or just put it on your desk,as an ornament.
The wearing of Srid-Pa-Ho heightens awareness, and protects body and mind from negative influences.


  • 100% Handmade
  • Pendant material:copper
  • Pattern: SIPAHO BAGUA
  • Diameter: 42mm /1.65 inches

The SIPAHO is a sacred chart with the symbols of Tibetan astrology, including its indian and chinese forming with the image of "magic square" in the center,8 trigrams (BA GUA),12 zodiac animals,Buddhist symbols,fringing the amulet image a Big Tortoise.

The SIPAHO (Srid-pa-ho) is a wheel of protection based on traditional Tibetan calendar charts. Calendar charts are viewed as auspicious representations of natural cycles associated with stability, predictability, and regularity. The symbols they bear, all closely related to time, counteract the negative influence associated with planets, seasons, cosmic phenomena, and natural events and support stability and balance in nature and in human lives.

Also,Srid-Pa-Ho is a powerful Tibetan astrological mandala to have in one's home for protection and to attract positive energies.

Found in most Tibetan homes, this mandala features select deities and astrological symbols that when combined,provide perfect feng shui, offering protection against harm, and bringing about good energies throughout the home.

The wearing of Srid-Pa-Ho heightens awareness, and protects body and mind from negative influences.

The astrology diagram is an ancient system of understand the patterns of universe dates back to mid - seventh century. Princess Wen Cheng (文成公主)is believed to have brought astrological system from China to Tibet when she married the Buddhist king Songtsen Gampo (松贊干布).

The main diagram has four main components (from inner to outer):
1. In the center of the diagram, it is a 'magical square' also known as the 'nine mewas'. number from 1-9 is arranged in 3 x 3 matrix. The number 5 is in the middle and sum of row and columns are equal to 15. This is also known as the Lo Shu (洛書) Square, or the Nine Halls Diagram (九宮圖). It comes from ancient Chinese mathematics and it relates to the flow of natural energy. It is also a key element in Feng Shui and is sometimes connected to the Bagua.

2. The second circle is the ‘King Wen’ system combination of 8 possible trigrams formed from Yin (the broken dash) and Yang (continuous dash). (阴阳八卦)We will not go deep into this topic because it's too complicated to discuss it here. Imagine you are going to a executive meeting and one of the analyst pull out a slide and start to talk about how neural network works. Let's just leave the fun for later.

3. The outer circle, it's the 12 animal of Chinese Zodiac representing the cycle of 12 years. *In the Chinese system, the zodiac start with the year of the rat (mouse) and is based on Chinese North-South axis (with the first animal at 1 o'clock direction going clock wise). However, in the Tibetan system, the 12 year cycle commences with the hare in the 9 o'clock direction and is based on West-East axis (possible adopted from Indian). The main reason because Tibetan began their cycle in AD 1027, which is already 3 years into the Chinese cycle. Each 60 years is considered a full cycle with 5 mini cycle of 12 years.

4. Finally, everything from 1-3 above is enclosed by The Giant Golden Tortoise. See closely, you will see weapons (artifacts) and flames are being carved surround the outter most circle. These flame symbolize a protective circle which immolates any evil influences.

Here are just the basics of astrological diagram and I will leave the rest for you to discover.

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