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Mani Jewel Amulet 1.57"

Mani Jewel Amulet 1.57"

⏱Vintage: 1990s

☞Handmade: 100%

⚒Materials: Cold Iron,Copper

☲Size: 1.57" / 0.6"

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❤This mani jewel amulet was collect from Derge Tibet,it's an old amulet pandent, made of Cold Iron inlaid copper wire, the shape is Triratna symbol. Its base is engraved with the Tibetan letter of OM.
You can make it into a necklace, or put it in your shrine.

100% Handmade
Pendant material:Cold Iron
Pattern: Triratna symbol
Height: 40mm /1.57 inches
Diameter: 15mm / 0.6 inches

Cintāmaṇi (Sanskrit; Devanagari: चिंतामणि; Chinese: 如意寶珠; Pinyin: Rúyì bǎozhū; Romanji: Nyoihōju), also spelled as Chintamani (or the Chintamani Stone), is a wish-fulfilling jewel within both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, said by some to be the equivalent of the philosopher's stone in Western alchemy. It is one of several Mani Jewel images found in Buddhist scripture.

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