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Gandhanra Unique Handcrafted Ring, Tibetan Buddhist Vajra Bell Ring,Made of Pure Gold Filled and Silver Filled,Protection Jewelry

Gandhanra Unique Handcrafted Ring, Tibetan Buddhist Vajra Bell Ring,Made of Pure Gold Filled and Silver Filled,Protection Jewelry





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?ONLY ONE, very refined and luxurious.
This vajra bell ring is made by Tibetan craftsmen for 30 years old,and come from Hepo Town, Baiyu County, the birthplace of the famous Tibetan handicrafts.

It is crafted from a variety of materials including solid gold, sterling silver, cold iron, turquoise,using traditional Tibetan craftsmanship to carry out multiple carvings and gold filled craftsmanship, inlaid with gold, silver, and turquoise on the base of cold iron, together to create a classic image in Buddhism-Vajra Bell.

Its base material is cold iron, and the made of gold filled craftsmanship, using about 2g of gold to make a cross vajra at the top,and cold iron bell at the bottom,inlaide with a turquoise, and inlaid with sterling silver wire at the bottom to mark the edge of the bell,very delicate.

Its shank is open and can be adjustable to fit most sizes.

100% Handmade
Pendant material:sterling gold,sterling silver,cold iron,turquoise
Vajra and Bell Height:22mm / 0.87 inches
Diameter of the ring: 22mm / 0.87 inches

?ABOUT Vajra and Bell
The vajra (Tibetan: Dorjie) and bell (Sanskrit: ghanta; Tibetan: drilbu) are the most important ritual objects of Tibetan Buddhism. Most every lama has a pair and knows how to use them. They represent ¡°method¡± (vajra) and ¡°wisdom¡± (bell). Combined together they symbolize enlightenment as they embody the union of all dualities: bliss and emptiness, compassion and wisdom, appearance and reality, conventional truth and ultimate truth, and male and female, etc.
What is meant by method and wisdom?
Method indicates the compassionate activities of the bodhisattva that relieve living beings of their miseries. It is the skillful means that brings about the elimination of ignorance, greed, cruelty, etc. in living beings and causes them to follow the path to enlightenment. Wisdom is the direct insight into ultimate reality; it is the wisdom that realizes emptiness. By combining method and wisdom, the bodhisattva accumulates merit and insight and eventually attains Buddhahood.
What is the symbolism of the Vajra and bell?
Most vajras have five prongs that symbolize the five wisdoms that are attained through the transcendance of five kleshas (greed, anger, delusion, pride and envy). The hub between them signifies emptiness. This one has eight prongs plus the central hub. Vajra is a Sanskrit word, in Tibetan it is called a dorje. It is related to the word for diamond, and appears to be similar to the thunderbolt weapon carried by the Vedic god Indra, and the Olympian Zeus. As a thunderbolt weapon it destroys both internal and external enemies. As a diamond it symbolizes the indestructible and all-penetrating mind of enlightenment.
The sound of the bell calls to mind the empty nature of all things. That is, according to the Buddha, nothing whatsoever can exist independently, all phenomena are empty of true or inherent existence. By being profoundly aware of the empty nature of all things, we become free of attachment and aversion, and are liberated from the painful cycle of birth and death (samsara). The bell is also a musical instrument Its sound, together with other sacred instruments such as the hand-drum (damaru), are played in rituals as musical offerings to the Buddhas and other gods.

?ABOUT Gandhanra
We're artisans from Hepo Township, Baiyu County,Tibetan. We use ancient Tibetan handicrafts to make Tibetan Buddhist instruments.
All our crafts are directly handmade from Tibet.
When you purchase this craft it helps and support our artisan and our families in Tibet.
Your support is highly appreciated.

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