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Samantabhadra Phurba - 2.36"

Samantabhadra Phurba - 2.36"

⏱Vintage: 1970s

☞Handmade: 100%

⚒Materials: Brass

☲Size: 2.36" × 0.79"

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❤This vintage Phurba pendant was collected from gengqing  Monastery(Derge,Tibet),handmade of copper.
It's total 2.36 inches,brown color,on top of it is Samantabhadra Bodhisattva,the lower part is phurba.
You can make them into necklace, or keychain, or just put on your desk,as an ornament.

The phurba is associated with the practice of the meditational deity (Sanskrit ishtadevata, Tibetan yidam) Vajrakilaya (Tibetan Dorje Phurba) or Vajrakila (वज्रकील).

100% Handmade
Pendant material:copper
Height: 60mm /2.36 inches
Diameter: 20mm /0.79 inches

❤Free Gift :
Black Cowhide Cord
Length:68cm / 26.8inches
Width:4mm / 0.16inches
You'll get 1 phurba as pictures shown.

❤ABOUT Kila,Dorje Phurba
The kila or phurba is a three-sided peg, stake, knife, or nail-like ritual implement traditionally associated with Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, Bon, and Indian Vedic traditions.

The fabrication of kila is quite diverse. Having pommel, handle, and blade,kila are often segmented into suites of triunes on both the horizontal and vertical axes, though there are notable exceptions.
This compositional arrangement highlights the numerological importance and spiritual energy of the integers three (3) and nine (9).
Kīla may be constituted and constructed of different materials and material components, such as wood, metal, clay, bone, gems, horn or crystal.

The magic of the Magical Dagger comes from the effect that the material object has on the realm of the spirit. The art of tantric magicians or lamas lies in their visionary ability to comprehend the spiritual energy of the material object and to willfully focus it in a determined direction. . . The tantric use of the phurba encompasses the curing of disease, exorcism, killing demons, meditation, consecrations (puja), and weather-making. The blade of the phurba is used for the destruction of demonic powers. The top end of the phurba is used by the tantrikas for blessings.

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