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Gandhanra Handmade Amulet,Yellow Jambhala Pendant with Leather Necklace,Made of Brass

Gandhanra Handmade Amulet,Yellow Jambhala Pendant with Leather Necklace,Made of Brass





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Leather Cord Color(Free Gift)

?This beautiful jambhala pendant was made by Pugong Monastery,which is Khenpo Petse Rinpoche's (one of the great scholars of the Nyingma tradition in recent times) main monastery,in East Tibet.

You can carry it as a amulet all the time,or just put it on your desk,as an ornament.

Material: brass
Height:about 32mm / 1.26 inches
Width:about 24mm / 0.95 inches

?Free Gift :
Cowhide Cord
Color:Black,Brown (Please choose your favorite color)
Length:68cm / 26.8inches
Width:4mm / 0.16inches

?Package include
1 * jambhala amulet
1 * leather cord
1 * gift box

?ABOUT Jambhala
Jambhala (Tibetan: dzam bha la kar po): a Wealth Deity - emanation of Avalokiteshvara.

With one face and two hands he holds in the right a stick of gold. A katvanga staff rests against the left shoulder. Wrathful in appearance with the hair flowing upward like flames he is adorned with jewel ornaments and silks of various colours, riding on the back of a green dragon - sporting amongst the clouds.

White Jambhala also know as Kubera in the Hindu pantheon is bestower of wealth.. White Dzambhala is born from the right eye of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva.

Jambhala holds a victory banner (Skt. dhvaja; Tib. rgyal-mtshan) in his left hand which signifies the victory of Buddhism. The top of the banner takes the form of a small parasol, which is surmounted by a central wish-granting gem. This domed parasol is rimmed by an ornate crest-bar with makara-tailed ends from which hangs a billowing silk scarf. As a hand-held ensign the banner is an attribute of many deities, particularly those associated with wealth and power, such as Jambhala / Kubera.

In his right hand he holds a mongoose that spits out precious gems. Many people question what the association of Jambhala is with the mongoose. Art historians, depending upon folk interpretation, often explain that the mongoose became the main attribute of Jambhala because the serpents are the protectors of subterranean wealth and a mongoose controls them. Buddhist Sanskrit texts, however, refer to a different reason or story for the mongoose's association with wealth. It was said that wealthy people in ancient India carried a purse made of mongoose's hide and that when they gambled they often shook the purse. The mongoose or mongoose's hide then regurgitated gold coins and other precious things from its mouth. This seems to be the reason why in Jambhala's iconography the mongoose is always shown vomiting jewels. The mongoose that Jambhala holds then does not represent the actual creature but acts as a metaphor for his generosity.

?ABOUT Gandhanra
We're artisans from Hepo Township, Baiyu County,Tibetan. We use ancient Tibetan handicrafts to make Tibetan Buddhist instruments.
All our crafts are directly handmade and collected from Tibet.
When you purchase this craft it helps and support our artisan and our families in Tibet.
Your support is highly appreciated.

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1.Please allow 1-2mm error due to manual measurement.
2.The color may have different as the difference display.
3.Please make sure you do not mind before you bid.

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