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Tibet Wind Chimes

Tibet Wind Chimes





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❤The bell are the primary ritual tools of Tibetan Buddhism.
Always kept together they represent many layers of intricate symbolism and meaning and are used in almost all Tibetan ritual ceremonies, chanting and magical operations.
The bell represent the masculine and feminine principles in the cosmos and in the individuals energy body.
The bell is always held in the left hand as these are the sides of the right and left channels in the body.
The bell is about 8 inches high. Quality Tibetan style bronze, made in Nepal.

Size: Please refer to the product size chart picture
S: Diameter 1.8" * Height 2.2" (4.5cm * 5.5cm)
M: 2.4" * 3.0" (6.0cm * 7.5cm)
L: 2.8" * 3.6" (7.0cm * 9.0cm)
XL: 3.2" * 4.2" (8.0cm * 10.5cm)
XXL:4.0" * 5.4" (10.0cm * 13.5cm)
XXXL: 4.6" * 7.0" (11.5cm * 18cm)
Material: 7 metals made in nepal
Production process: hand forging and engraving

❤EXQUISITE HANDICRAFTS Gandhanra handmade tibetan bells are unparalleled in beauty and quality, providing energy for your meditation.
❤HIGH QUALITY In accordance with an ancient Tibetan formula,each one is carefully hand-crafted with Himalayan metal (Sanskrit-panchaloga) by skilled Tibetan artisans using traditional techniques. They have been rigorously tested to ensure that they meet our highest quality control standards. which means that they have been determined to be of master quality.
❤PURE SOUND Our bells create an incredible sound with rich, warm and vibrant overtones. They are among the finest for aesthetic quality, richness of sound, sustainment of tone, and ease and smoothness of playing.

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