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100 Green Tara

100 Green Tara

Gandhanra Thangka Art

⏱Vintage: Recently (After 2005)

☞Handmade: Bronzing Printed + Hand Framed

⚒Materials: Canvas,Cotton,Mercerized Cloth


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This series of thangkas are printed by bronzing process,hand mounted Tibetan frame, clear pattern and bright color,reasonable price,total 5 frame colors.
Please choose your favorite size and frame color.

Print:printed by bronzing process on mercerized cloth
Frame: cloth, paper,gold thread,brocade embroidery
Color: total 5 frame colors, Beige,Blue,Purple,Yellow,Red
The front is covered with silk to protect Thangka

❤Size & Weight
Please see images
Small:20cm(top) *27 cm(bottom) * 35cm(Height)(about 7.9" * 10.6" * 13.8"),about 0.2 kg.
Medium:37cm(top) *47 cm(bottom) * 61cm(Height)(about 14.6" * 18.5" * 24"),about 0.3 kg.
Large:48cm(top) *63 cm(bottom) * 85cm(Height)(about 18.9" * 24.8" * 33.5"),about 0.4 kg.
XL:66cm(top) *82cm(bottom) * 120cm(Height)(about 25.98" * 32.28" * 47.24"),about 0.5 kg.

You'll get 1* Thangka as pictures shown,please choose your favorite size and color.

Tara (Skt. Tārā; Tib. སྒྲོལ་མ་, Drolma), 'She who Liberates' — a female deity associated with compassion and enlightened activity.
Tara (Sanskrit: तारा, tārā; Tib. སྒྲོལ་མ, Dölma), Ārya Tārā, or Shayama Tara, also known as Jetsun Dölma (Tibetan language: rje btsun sgrol ma) in Tibetan Buddhism, is an important figure in Buddhism. She appears as a female bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism, and as a female Buddha in Vajrayana Buddhism. She is known as the "mother of liberation", and represents the virtues of success in work and achievements. She is known as Tara Bosatsu (多羅菩薩) in Japan, and occasionally as Duōluó Púsà (多羅菩薩) in Chinese Buddhism.

Tārā is a meditation deity revered by practitioners of the Tibetan branch of Vajrayana Buddhism to develop certain inner qualities and to understand outer, inner and secret teachings such as karuṇā (compassion), mettā (loving-kindness), and shunyata (emptiness). Tārā may more properly be understood as different aspects of the same quality, as bodhisattvas are often considered personifications of Buddhist methods.

There is also recognition in some schools of Buddhism of twenty-one Tārās. Tārā is in fact the name of a whole class of deities. She appears in all the five colours of the Jinas. There are at least ten green forms, seven white, five yellow, two blue and one red.

Tārā is also a forest goddess, particularly in her form as Khadiravani, "dweller in the Khadira forest" and is generally associated with plant life, flowers, acacia (khadira) trees and the wind. Because of her association with nature and plants, Tārā is also known as a healing goddess (especially as White Tārā) and as a goddess of nurturing quality and fertility.

❤All our crafts are directly handmade from Tibet.
When you purchase this craft it helps and support the artisan and their families in Tibet.
Your support is highly appreciated.

1.This thangka is made to order, it will takes about 3-5 days to complete and ship.
2.Please allow 1-2cm error due to manual measurement.
3.The color may have different as the difference display.
Please make sure you do not mind before you bid.

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