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Samsara - Six Realm Wheel of Life

Samsara - Six Realm Wheel of Life

Blessed in Kathok Monastery

⏱Vintage: Recently (After 2005)

☞Handmade: Giclee Print,Hand Framed

⚒Materials: Mineral Pigment,Canvas,Cotton

☲Size: 48" × 32"

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❤This series thangka comes from the Kathok Monastery,made for their belivers.The original version is an ancient thangka collected by Kathok Monastery,blessed by lama.The pattern is printed on cotton,the frame is hand-sewn by their own craftsmen.

The original painting comes from the Lama painter of kham region, belongs to the Nyingma pa.
They attach great importance to the terma lineage and therefore have many paintings of very rare supreme deities and protectors. Its style often uses light green hills and light blue sky as the background. The painting method of trees and rocks is simple, and the coloring strokes are thicker. But the most important feature is that the wrathful Lord is very powerful and has a strong mysterious color.

Material: cotton,fiber,
The front is covered with silk to protect Thangka
With exquisite wooden painting shaft and lanyard

Height:120cm / 47.2"
Top width:66cm / 26"
Bottom width:82cm / 32.3"
Core Size: 60cm(Height) 40cm(Width) * (about 23.6" * 15.8")

There are a total of 8 different colors for you to choose, please select the color number when you purshace.
Frames of different colors may vary in size, please understand.

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