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Garuda Dzi Bead

Garuda Dzi Bead





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This unique Dzi beads was collected and crafted at the year 1990s, have double garuda pattern,good color and weathered texture, full of vicissitudes of life.
It is shipped within a deluxe jewelry box,as gifts to friends, significant others, spouses.
Dzi beads are precious jewelry from Tibetan culture which are believed to possess the power of bringing good fortune to the owners, such as protection from ill luck, attracting wealth and prosperity, fostering good health and warding against evil.
Length:38.7 mm / 1.52" inches
Width: 12.7 mm / 0.5"inches
The bead of Dzi Garuda helps to overcome the influence of negative forces, removes obstacles to the goal, promotes the acquisition of wealth and brings good luck. Garuda Dzi bestows a longer life and blesses the five gods of well-being in the acquisition of wealth
About the mythical bird of Garuda
Garuda is a giant humanoid bird that is present in Buddhist and Indian mythology. Garuda Bird is a guardian of Hindu and Buddhist temples, possessing supernatural powers. The Garuda possesses solar energy and destroys the serpent of disbelief in God, which strikes the human mind with its poison.
The Garuda is a symbol of tremendous strength, speed and military courage. She helps fight bad life situations. It facilitates the mental state of a person, helping to free the mind from anxiety, excitement and negative thoughts. In Buddhism, the Garuda bird is one of the symbols of achieving an enlightened mind.
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