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Vintage Vajra and Bell Set

Vintage Vajra and Bell Set

⏱Vintage: 1990s

☞Handmade: 100%

⚒Materials: Brass,Bronze,Wood

☲Size: Bell:6.7" × 3.35" , Vajra:4.7" × 1.58“

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This vajra and bell set was handmade in Nepal,using traditional techniques and materials.
The vajra is made of brass, the bell is made of bronze,carved mantra and other trantic buddhism patterns.
The outer box is made of wood,carved manadala flower and traditional patterns.

Material: brass,bronze,wood
Vajra: 12cm (length) × 4cm (diameter) ,4.7" × 1.58“
Bell: 17cm(height) × 8.5cm (diameter), 6.7" × 3.35"
Wooden Case: 20cm (length) × 12cm(width) × 12cm(height),7.88" × 4.7" × 4.7"

❤About vajra and bell in Tanric Buddhism
In Tantric Buddhism, the bell represents the feminine, and the dorje represents the masculine, or the dorje represents a thunderbolt, and the bell represents a diamond. In Buddhist ceremonies in Tibet, the bell and the dorje are always used together. The dorje can be used to strike the bell.

The bell is held in the left hand and the scepter in the right as both hands gracefully move in prescribed gestures that serve as a commentary to the recitation. As a pair, they reflect the two aspects of Buddhist practice: method and wisdom, intuition and compassion.
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