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Buddha Amulet Stickers Phra Pitda,Ganesha,Hanuman,Phra Rahoo,Lersi

Buddha Amulet Stickers Phra Pitda,Ganesha,Hanuman,Phra Rahoo,Lersi





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BEAUTIFUL STICKERS For Home Decor,Phone,Laptop
These unique Buddhist Statue come from Thailand.
It is said that it is the mask of the god of heaven, which will keep bad things away from you, because the god of heaven engulfed the power of the enemy.

Blessed By Thailand Buddhist Master 
This mask is blessed by the living Buddha master,it can inspire all the senses in the human body and emit a strong charm.

You can stick it on your mobile phone, iPad, window, car as amulets.
In addition, it is very beautiful.

Scope of application: mobile phone case, notebook, pad, car
Material: metal pure nickel material
Size 70mm Width *24mm Height (about 2.75" * 1")
Color: Gold, Silver
Thickness: 0.7mm

1.Nanaton Large Gold 

2.Nanaton Large Silver
3.Nanaton Small Gold/Silver
4.Phra Pitda Gold
5.Phra Pitda Silver
6.Golden Lotus
7.Scripture Butterfly
8.Scripture Phoenix
9.Ganesha Elephant God

10.Nine Tailed Fox Gold
11.General Khun Paen
12.Nine Tailed Fox Red
13.Two Tigers
14.One Tiger
16.Lotus Phra Pitda
17.Scripture Lotus Sura
18.Scripture Lotus Red
19.Hanuman Gold
20.Tiger Lersi Buddha
21.Phra Rahoo
22.Wealth Gourd
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