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The Greatly Merciful Bodhisattva Mantra

The Greatly Merciful Bodhisattva Mantra





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❤The Greatly Merciful (and) Greatly Compassionate Bodhisattva Avalokitasvara-lokeśvararāja's Vast, Perfect, Unimpeded Great-Compassionate Heart of Nīlakaṇṭheśvara Dharani
This MANTRA to the Compassionate Buddha is powerful and uplifting.
Reciting one mala of this mantra 108 times a day will awaken hidden yogic abilities within you and benefit seven generations of your descendents.
This mantra will calm your fears, soothe your concerns, heal your broken heart and answer all your prayers.
The blessing of a particularly great ritual, with all the merits of rest, increase, cherish, and punishment, especially including the infinite amount of light Buddha, Vajrayogini, lotus-bearing priest, Zuo Ming Buddha, Ma Tau Ming King, Vajrayogini, victory Le King Kong, Warriors, Skywalker, etc. are vast and incredible blessings.
Even the prayer flags of the "Prayer" printed on the red cloth, all people who see the prayer flags and non-human beings are freed from their fate. If you usually encounter violations and magic powers, chanting the free prayer, you will overcome all obstacles. Pray that the blessings of the lotus department will be permanently clean and comfortable. Anyone who prays in this prayer can do what he wants, and there is no doubt that all achievements can be accomplished. Written on a red cloth hanging high or using fire and wind as a runner, it can be done. Wish to increase auspicious!
Material: cloth, silk
Embroidery: brocade embroidery
Size: There are 10 flags in a set, each flag measures 13.8 inches by 11.8 inches and the set spans about 10 feet in length.
Weight: 110g / 3.88oz
Suitable for hanging in most spaces.
Great Decorative Outdoors Flags for Yoga or Meditation Rooms You’ll get 1 set of prayer flags as pictures shown.

❤Mantra content in Tibetan transliteration
Om a'h'um hr'i Bde chen'bar ba dbang gi po brang du Bde sdong so sor rdog pa'i ye shes sku Ma chags bde ldan padma'i rang bzhin las Rdo rje nyi ma snang ba chen bo'i dpal Chos sku snang ba mtha' yas rdo rje chos 'Jigrden dbang phyug thugs rje'i rjes cags gzugs Padma rgyal po'khor'das mnga' dbang bsgyur nang srid zil gnon dbang chen he ru ga Gsang ba ye shis bdzra wa' ra hi Bde mchog'dod pa'i rgyal po bde chen gder Ma lus skye rgu'i yid'phrog rigs byed ma Mchog thun phyag rgya'i dbang phyug bde sdong gar Dbang mdzad rdo rje dpa' bo Da' gi'i tshogs Snang sdong mnyam pa chen po'i ngang nyed du Rdo rje sku yi gar gyis srid gsum g.yo 'Gags med gsung gi bzhad sgras khams gsum'gugs Od zer dmar bos'khor'das yongs la khyab Srid zhi'i dwangs bcud g.yo zhing sdud bar byed Rdo rje chags pa chen po'i thugs gyis ni Rnam gnyis dngos grub'dod rgu'i mchog scol zhing Rdo rje lcags gyu zhugs pa chen po yis Snang srid bde ba chen por sdom byed pa Mtha' yas sgyu'phrul drwa ba'i rol gar can Dil gyi gong bu pye ba bzhin bzhugs pa'i Rab'byams rtsa gsum dbang gi lha tshogs la Gus bas gsol ba'debs so byin gyis rlobs Mchog thun dngongs grub'dod rgu'i dpal mtha' dag Thogs med dbang du byed pa'i dngongs grub scol
❤Benefits of this mantra:
1.Allows those who are suffering to be relieved of pain and to escape the 3 lower realms.
2.Protects mother and unborn child
3.Helps to 超度 (bring salvation to) miscarried babies. mudra (/muˈdrɑː/(listen)Sanskrit:मुद्रा,IAST:mudrā, "seal", "mark", or "gesture";Tibetan:ཕྱག་རྒྱ་,THL:chakgya, is a symbolic or ritual gesture or pose in Hinduism,Jainism and Buddhism.
While some mudras involve the entire body, most are performed with the hands and fingers.
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