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12 Tyeps of Prayer Flag

12 Tyeps of Prayer Flag





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❤TIBETAN BUDDHIST - The Tibetans believe the prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space. Therefore, prayer flags are thought to bring benefit to all.These prayer flags are surged, which enhances their beauty and durability. They are traditionally hung outdoors (on trees, homes or mountain tops) so that when the wind blows their energy and prayers are released into the universe. ❤PRAYER FLAG - Traditionally, These flags are called Lungta, literally means WindHorse, come in sets of five, one in each of five colors and represent the five elements,printed with Auspicious Symbols, Invocations, Sacred Prayers, and Mantras.They are used to spread the Buddhist scriptures and promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. ❤HEART SUTRA (Sanskrit: प्रज्ञापारमिताहृदय Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya or Chinese: 心經 Xīnjīng) is a popular sutra in Mahāyāna Buddhism. Its Sanskrit title, Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya, can be translated as "The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom". The sutra famously states, "Form is empty, emptiness is form." (śūnyatā). It is a condensed exposé on the Buddhist Mahayana teaching of the Two Truths doctrine, which says that ultimately all phenomena are sunyata, empty of an unchanging essence. This emptiness is a 'characteristic' of all phenomena, and not a transcendent reality, but also "empty" of an essence of its own. Specifically, it is a response to Sarvastivada teachings that "phenomena" or its constituents are real. It has been called "the most frequently used and recited text in the entire Mahayana Buddhist tradition." The text has been translated into English dozens of times from Chinese, Sanskrit and Tibetan as well as other source languages. ❤BEAUTIFUL GIFT These prayer flags are surged, which enhances their beauty and durability. They are traditionally hung outdoors (on trees, homes or mountain tops) so that when the wind blows their energy and prayers are released into the universe. These flags would also look beautiful as an indoor decoration to set the intention in the space. ❤Traditional Five Color Elements Traditionally, prayer flags come in sets of five, one in each of five colors. The five colors represent the five elements. Blue (symbolizing sky/space) White (symbolizing air/wind) Red (symbolizing fire)
Green (symbolizing water) Yellow (symbolizing earth) ❤Details Material: cloth, silk Embroidery: brocade embroidery Color: Blue,White,Red,Green,Yellow Size: There are 10 flags in a set, each flag measures 13.8 inches by 11.8 inches and the set spans about 10 feet in length. Suitable for hanging in most spaces.Great Decorative Outdoors Flags for Yoga or Meditation Rooms Weight: 110g / 3.88oz You’ll get 1pc prayer flags as pictures shown. ❤LISTS OF THESE SUTRA PRAYER FLAGS 1.Mantra to Avalokiteshvara - Buddha of Compassion OM MANI PADME HUM (chant one mala – 108 times a day) This MANTRA to the Compassionate Buddha is powerful and uplifting. Reciting one mala of this mantra 108 times a day will awaken hidden yogic abilities within you and benefit seven generations of your descendents. This mantra will calm your fears, soothe your concerns, heal your broken heart and answer all your prayers. Visualize Avalokiteshvara radiating light beams as you recite. Chant this mantra aloud, as you eat, as you bathe, as you prepare yourself for the day, when you feel a sense of danger or when you are waiting for someone. You can chant it anytime anywhere. Recite it aloud or silently inside your head. Do not worry about the pronunciation. What is important is your pure motivation. Always chant with the thought of benefiting others. 2.Mantra to Manjushuri - Buddha of Wisdom OM AH RAPA TSA NA DHI (chant one mala – 108 times a day) Chanting this mantra invokes the spiritual power and wisdom of Manjushuri – the Buddha who embodies the transcendental knowledge of all the Buddhas. Manjushuri’s holy mantra is his speech and is an expression of the wisdom realizations of all the Enlightened beings. Manjushuri’s mantras will help you make wise and good decisions. Recite this mantra daily when you are at a crossroad and to exercise good judgement. It is excellent to recite Manjushuri’s powerful mantra faithfully each daily if you are engaged in any kind of work related to Feng Shui; Astrology, making Divinations or if you are in the teaching profession. 3.Mantra to Lotus Born (Guru Rinpoche) to Dispel All Obstacles in Your Life OM AH HUM VAJRA GURU PADMA SIDDHI HUM (Chant the 108 times a day.) Padmasambhava, affectionately known as Guru Rinpoche is the powerful  Lotus Buddha who dispels all obstacles  and worldly problems. Guru Rinpoche is excellent for those who find it hard to concentrate. Reciting his mantra as well as his seven lined prayer (below) transforms all difficulties into opportunities for growth and learning. DU SUM SANGAY GURU RINPOCHE NGO DRUP KUN DAK DEWA CHEN POI ZHAP BAR CHAD KUNSEL DUD DUL DRAK PO TSAL SOL WA DEB SO JYIN GYI YI  LAP TU SOL CHYI  NANG  SANG WAI  BAR CHAD ZHI WA DANG SAM PA LHUN GYI DRUP PAR JIN GYI LOB 4.Mantra to Medicine Buddha OM NAMO BHAGAVATE BHEKHANDZE/ GURU BAIDRUYA/ PRABHA RAJAYA/ TATHAGATAYA/ ARHATE SAMYAKSAM BUDDHAYA TADYATHA / OM BHEKHANDZYE BHEKHANDZYE MAHA BHEKHANDZYE [BHEKHANDZYE] / RADZA SAMUDGATE SOHA Recite 3 times both sets of mantras then recite one mala of the mantras in black Chanting the Medicine Buddha’s mantra is incredibly beneficial when praying for someone who is ill, who is suffering from a terminal disease or who may be dying. If you are the one who is ill, chant one mala of  the Medicine Buddha’s mantra (108 times) once in the morning and once in the evening. For someone ill, recite mantras into a tape & play continouly in the room where he/she is resting. 5.Mantra to Namgyalma (Ushnisha Vijaya) - Powerful Buddha of Longevity OM BHRUM SOHA OM AMRITA AYUR DA DAI SOHA (Chant the 28 times EVERYDAY) NAMGLYMA has three faces and eight arms. She is one of three revered deities of longevity. Her middle face body and eight arms are white, symbolizing the elimination for all misfortunes. Her right face manifests her Compassion for all beings and her left face signifies her skill at cutting through ignorance through wrathful means. Reciting NAMGLYMA’s mantra  grants victory over illness and receiving blessings for a long & meaningful life benefiting others. This three faced Goddness with eight arms is incredibly powerful for granting extension of one’s life through recovery of illness and avoiding premature death through accidents and disasters. 6.Mantras to the 21 Taras Recite each mantra three times preceded by OM TARE TUTTARE TURE … then the mantras as follow:  WASHEN KURU SOHA SHANTING KURU SOHA PUSHTING KURU SOHA AYUR JANA HRI DRUM SOHA AKAR SHAY HRI SOHA SAWA TUGUTE TSULU SOHA BADA BOTONG WARANAYA CHO SOHA AHMO KASHA THAM MARAYA HUM PE SOHA NOPA SABA RAKYA PEM SOHA SABAR MARA PAME DAYA HUM PEH SOHA BASUDARI SOHA NAKLAM PUSHTING KURU SOHA PORTAYA BAMI KURU SOHA BANZA MAHA PATAYA BAHMI KURU SOHA SARWA PAH BUM THATA GANA YE SOHA SARWA DHARMA PATE SHODAYA SOHA SARWA TAMBAH NETE RAY SOHA NAGA BIKA SHANTING KURU SOHA MUDZA NAYA SOHA BIZ ARAY SOHA SAWA SIDDHI SOHA 7.Mantras to Compassionate Buddha This MANTRA to the Compassionate Buddha is powerful and uplifting. Reciting one mala of this mantra 108 times a day will awaken hidden yogic abilities within you and benefit seven generations of your descendents. This mantra will calm your fears, soothe your concerns, heal your broken heart and answer all your prayers. This mantra is the master of the 17th generation of the Great Dharma Dharma, Mai Peng Rinpoche, who has the name of "Virtue", was excavated from the Italian Tibetan on July 1st (AD 1879, Year of the Tibetan Rabbit) , The blessing of a particularly great ritual, with all the merits of rest, increase, cherish, and punishment, especially including the infinite amount of light Buddha, Vajrayogini, lotus-bearing priest, Zuo Ming Buddha, Ma Tau Ming King, Vajrayogini, victory Le King Kong, Warriors, Skywalker, etc. are vast and incredible blessings. 8.Mantra to Yellow Dzambhala - Buddha of Wealth OM DZAMBHALA DJARDIN DJAYA SOHA (Chant the 108 times a day.) The Yellow Dzambhala holding the jewel spouting Mongoose is a powerful deity who bestows wealth and prosperity to all who offers soothing clear water on his crown and body while reciting his mantra. It is excellent practice to place a consecrated image of Dzambhala within a water feature letting the water flow continuously over his crown. Each day recite his mantra 108 times. 9.Mantra to Green Tara OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA (chant one mala – 108 times a day) The Green Tara mantra can be recited to remove obstacles, fears and worries. Tara works swiftly to assist you! Chant one mala of this mantra each morning and each night. Turn to Mother Tara when you feel a need of comfort; when you feel depressed or when you want some project to succeed.  This mantra will lift your spirits instantly. The high lamas tell us that no one ever attained Enlightenment without the help of Mother Tara  and when you chant her  mantra, doing so with pure motivation and intense devotion transforms the mantra into powerful wish fulfilling prayers. You can also recite each of the mantras to the 21 TARAs three times to invoke the assistance of the 21 powerful emanations of Mother TARA. Doing so will alleviate all your fears of loss, poverty, sickness, court cases, black magic and help you weather the storms of your life. Mother Tara answers prayers swiftly. Thus she is known as the Swift Liberator ! You can visualise the image of mother tara before you, as you recite. 10.Mantras to Vajrasattva Buddha - Buddha of Purification OM VAJRASATTVA HUM If pressed for time, recite the short mantra 28 times. While reciting either of the mantras, visualize a flow of light and nectar cleansing your body of all negatives, obscurations and obstructions. OM VAJRASATTVA SAMAYA  MANU PALAYA VAJRASATTVA DENO PA   TITO - DIDO MAY BHAWA SUTO KAYO MAY BHAWA SUPO KAYO MAY BHAWA ANU RAKTO MAY BHAWA SARWA SIDDHI MEPAR YATSA SARWA KARMA SU TSA MAY TSITAM SHRIYAM KURU HUM HA HA HA HA HO BHAGAWAN - SARWA TATHAGATA VAJRA MA MAY MU TSA VAJRA BHAWA MAHA SAMAYA SATTVA  AH HUM PEH 11.Mantra to White Umbrella Goddess - Buddha of Protection TADYATHA OM ANALE ANALE KHASAME KHASAME BHAIRE BHAIRE SAUME SAUME SARVA BUDDHA ADHISHTHANA ADHISHTHITE SOHA AND OM SARVA TATHAGATA USHNISHA SITATA - PATRE HUM PEH HUM MAMA HUM NI SOHA (chant one mala – 108 times a day) The name Ushnisha Sitatapatra translates as "The Victorious White Parasol." She is known as the White Umbrella Goddess who saves us from all harm. Her parasol symbolizes protection from natural catastrophes, diseases, spirit harm and all forms of misfortune. Ushnisha Sitatapatra is a female form of Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion. She has a thousand eyes that watch over living beings, and a thousand arms that protect and assist them. Chanting her mantra invokes extremely powerful protection. 12.Uṣṇīṣa Vijaya Dhāraṇī Sūtra  is a Mahayana sutra from India. An alternate longer Sanskrit title is the Sarvadurgatipariśodhana Uṣṇīṣa Vijaya Dhāraṇī sūtra. The purpose of this sūtra is said to be to help sentient beings in a troubled and tumultuous world. According to this sūtra, beings will leave suffering and obtain happiness, increasing in their prosperity and longevity, remove karmic obstacles, eliminate disasters and calamities, remove enmity and hatred, fulfill all wishes, and quickly be led onto the Buddha's way.[2] It is held by some that when the dhāraṇī is heard, it can imbue the alaya consciousness with pure seeds that will help to lead one to buddhahood. According to the text, major applications of this dhāraṇī include: Destroy calamities and rescue those in difficulties Eliminate offenses and create good deeds Purify all karmic obstructions Increase blessings and lengthen lifespan Attain anuttarā-samyak-saṃbodhi Relieve beings in the ghost realm Benefit birds, animals and all crawling creatures Increase wisdom Revert the fixed karma; Eliminate various illness; Destroy hells; Ensure the safety of the households, and having children to inherit the family pride; Harmonise husbands and wives; Be able to reborn in Sukhavati or other pure lands; Heal sickness inflicted by pretas; Request for rain etc. Some quotes from the sutra text include: If someone hears this Dharani even just for a moment, he will not undergo karmic retribution from evil karma and severe hindrances accumulated from thousands of kalpas ago, that would otherwise cause him to revolve in the cycles of birth and death - in all kinds of life forms in the evil paths - hell, hungry ghost, animal, realm of King Yama, Asuras...ferocious animals, crawling creatures and even ants and other life forms...he will be reborn in the Buddhalands, together with all the Buddhas and Ekajati-pratibadda Bodhisattvas, or in a distinguished Brahmin or Ksatriya family, or in some other wealthy and reputable families. ❤Packaging &Shipping: As per our Product nature, we do the packaging. For every single product, we do the bubble wrapping along with the paper carton boxes is also used for more safety. In the case of heavy products, we also use wooden boxes too for more safe packaging and sent for the shipping process. ❤Feedback: Our goal is to make sure my customer is happy and satisfied when you shopping with us. Please contact or email before leaving negative feedback. We will try out best to solve our issues. Please give us the chance to resolve any problem. ❤Notice: 1.Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement. 2.Please make sure you do not mind before you bid. 3.The color may have different as the difference display, Please understand. THANK YOU FOR purchasing our product.
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