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Brass Tingsha Set - OM Mantra - 2.6"

Brass Tingsha Set - OM Mantra - 2.6"

⏱Vintage: 1990s

☞Handmade: 100%

⚒Materials: Brass

☲Size: 2.6" / 6.5cm

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This tingsha bell set was handmade in Nepal,using traditional techniques and materials.
It was made of brass,carved om mani padme hum mantra,6.5cm diameter,with pure, clear and resonant,good for meditation.
Come with tingsha case.

  • Material:Brass
  • Diameter:6.5cm / 2.6"
  • Free Gift: tingsha case (random color)

    ❤About Tingsha
    Tingsha (or ting-sha) (Tibetan: ཏིང་ཤགས་, Wylie: ting-shags) are small cymbals used in prayer and rituals by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners.
    Commonly used to mark the start or end of a period of Buddhist meditation or spiritual practice.
    Two cymbals are joined together by a leather strap or chain. The cymbals are struck together producing a clear and high pitched tone. Typical sizes range from 2.5–4 inches in diameter. Tingsha are very thick and produce a unique long ringing tone.
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