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Buddhist Amulet,Melong Mirror,Calendar Badge,SIPAHO

Buddhist Amulet,Melong Mirror,Calendar Badge,SIPAHO





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This unique tibetan melong badge was collected from Gatuo Monastery for 50 years.
It's a Astrology Protective Amulet Pendant,made of cold iron and carved 2 sided pattern.
The shape is Tibetan Budhist amulet badge - SIPAHO(srid pa ho).
The front is calendar pattern, and the back is carved a vajra on th top.

SIPAHO Melong Mirror on the cord,looks really cool and beautiful.
When on a go or travelling, it's placed as a waist tag or bag hanging.

100% Handmade
Pendant material:brass
Pattern: tibetan calendar
Height:56mm / 2.2 inches
Diameter: 52mm / 2.0 inches
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