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4 Packs of 160 Long Lasting Incense Coils,Gift Pack

4 Packs of 160 Long Lasting Incense Coils,Gift Pack

Gandhanra Natural Coil Incense



⚒Materials: natural plant particles


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Choosr your Favorite 4 Scents
In order to facilitate the purchase, we have combined the 4 most popular Scents, including the following:
Combination 1:Indian Sandalwood + Sin Chew Agarwood + Osmanthus + Jasmine
Combination 2:Original Sandalwood + Ebony Agarwood + Taihang Thuja + Aged Wormwood
Combination 3: Lemon + Lavender + Original Sandalwood + Tibetan Kanba Grass
Combination 4:Sin Chew Agarwood+Osmanthus+Jasmine+lemon

OR: YOU CAN Choose 4 Scents by your self --After purchasing, please leave me a message of your choice.
1.Indian Sandalwood
2.Sin Chew Agarwood
3.Taihang Thuja
4.Aged Wormwood
6.Tibetan Kanba Grass
7.Mosquito Incense
8.Ebony Agarwood
9.Original Sandalwood

Item Type: Coil Incense Pack
Specification: A big box include 4 packs, about 160sticks.
Burning time: 4hours/1 sticks(Tested in an indoor environment without wind);
Box size: 17cm * 17cm * 5cm
Incense size: 7cm diameter * 4.5cm height
Applications : Home, office, hotel, tea house, yoga studio, meditation, buddhist temple, living room, etc.
Efficacy: Fresh air, calm the nerves, help focus, decoration, etc.

Experience the most refreshing fragrances
These high quality incense sticks from Tibet brings joy to the heart and the pleasantness, soothes the mind and soul.
It calms down your nerves and helps you feel fresh and reinvigorated. Use it while performing daily rituals, while offering prayer to god or for experiencing the aromatic ambience.

Package Include: 1 x outer box (include 4 packs coil incense), 1 x copper incense holder
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