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1 Set of 10 PCs Ritual Implements

1 Set of 10 PCs Ritual Implements

⏱Vintage: 1980s

☞Handmade: 100%

⚒Materials: Cold Iron,Copper

☲Size: 1 set of 10 pcs

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❤This set of Ritual Implements are handmade by Tibetan craftsmen from Tibet in 1980s,collected from derge parkhang monastery.
They are made of copper,cold iron,total 10 pcs,include kila,kartika,hook,hammer,and other implements,please see the picture.

❤Aesthetically appealing and visually resplendent, Tibetan ritual implements are indeed fascinating, as much for their exquisite craftsmanship as for their rich forms and symbolism.
They are handcrafted in brass handle and cold iron blade,partially inlaid with agate and turquoise,and terminating in five-pronged vajra terminals

Ritual Implement Items Set
100% Handmade
Material:brass,cold iron,agate,turquoise
Quantity: 1 set of 10 implements.
Size:plese see photos.

❤ABOUT Tibetan Dharma Ritual Implements
Broadly speaking, the category of ritual objects in Tibetan religion includes nearly all objects that serve a religious function. The extensive variety and uses of ritual objects should be noted as one of the defining elements of Tibetan art, for no other culture has generated so wide a range of such implements. The great breadth also holds true for the materials they are made from. These include various metal alloys, precious metals, especially silver, jewels, wood, sculpted butter, and even human bones and ashes, taking the ritual well beyond the usual range of materials familiar among most religious traditions.

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