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Gandhanra Unique Tibetan Dzi Bead Bracelet(30 Years Old), Tiger Tooth Dzi with Bodhi Beads

Gandhanra Unique Tibetan Dzi Bead Bracelet(30 Years Old), Tiger Tooth Dzi with Bodhi Beads



⚒Materials: dzi, budhi bead


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❤UNIQUE Tiger Tooth DZI BEAD With 15pcs Old Bodhi, about 30 Years Old from Tibet.
It's shipped in a Exquisite jewelry box, to present pieces as gifts to friends, significant others, spouses.
You'll get 1pc bracelet as pictures shown.
❤ Details: Bracelet length is about 7.5 inches, Fit for 15-19cm Wrist.
❤ Material
1 × Tiger Tooth Dzi Bead : 18mm × 16mm
15 × Bodhi Bead: 13mm
❤ Introduction: Dzi bead (Tib. གཟི།; pronounced "zee"; alternative spelling: gzi) is a type of stone bead of uncertain origin worn as part of a necklace and sometimes as a bracelet.
In several Asian cultures, including that of Tibet, the bead is considered to provide positive spiritual benefit.Because of this, dzi beads are always treated with respect.
The most highly prized dzi beads are those of ancient age, made of natural agate. The original source of these beads is a mystery. While the traditional, ancient-style beads are greatly preferred, new modern-made dzi are gaining popularity among Tibetans.
Dzi beads are made from agate, and may have decorative symbols composed of circles, ovals, squares, waves or zig zags, stripes, lines, diamonds, dots, and various other archetypal and symbolic patterns. Colors mainly range from brown to black, with the pattern usually in ivory white. Dzi beads can appear in different colours, shapes, and sizes; the surface is usually smooth and waxy, presumably resulting from wear over a long period of time.

❤ Meaning of Bodhi The English term enlightenment is the Western translation of various Buddhist terms, most notably bodhi and vimutti. The abstract noun bodhi, means the knowledge or wisdom, or awakened intellect, of a Buddha.The verbal root budh- means "to awaken," and its literal meaning is closer to awakening. Although the term buddhi is also used in other Indian philosophies and traditions, its most common usage is in the context of Buddhism.

1.Please allow 1-2mm error due to manual measurement.
2.The color may have different as the difference display, Please understand.
3.Please make sure you do not mind before you order.

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