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Gandhanra Handmade Yak Bone Amulet Triple Spiral Pendant,Celtic Triskelion Triple Spiral Amulet | Trinity Eternity Life Energy Symbol

Gandhanra Handmade Yak Bone Amulet Triple Spiral Pendant,Celtic Triskelion Triple Spiral Amulet | Trinity Eternity Life Energy Symbol





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❤This beautiful bone pendant is hand carved by Tibetan craftsmen from Tibet in 2000's.
From Hepo Town, Baiyu County, the birthplace of the famous Tibetan handicrafts.
It is entirely hand-carved,very beautiful.
You can use it as a mala pendant, or a separate necklace pendant,or keychain.

❤These amazing bone beads are handcrafted by artisans from Tibet,who recycle and reuse everything in daily life and spiritual practice.Bone carvings symbolize reincarnation and the recycling of natural materials.It is an important material for Tibetan Buddhism.

Bone beads allow us to reflect upon the Buddhist teachings of impermanence. They serve as a reminder to live in the present moment; because nothing is permanent, everything is possible.
In the Mountains , it is typical for large animals such as yak or water buffalo to be used for service, food, clothing, and ritual items. Given the limited amount of resources and the religious practices of the people in the region, it is important that none of the material goes to waste.

Material:yak bone
Diameter:30mm /1.2" Inches
Thickness: 5mm /0.2" Inches

You'll get 1* amulet as pictures shown

Many historians state that the Triskele, or Triple Spiral is the oldest symbol of spirituality. The name comes from the Greek words "Tri" and "Skelos," which, when translated to English, mean "three legs." In the ancient origins of Irish culture, the Triple Spiral is said to be an important spiritual marking.

The celtic spiral is an anciant symbol represent the sun. It also symbolize new beginnings, growth, continuity and eternity.

Spirals are found in every aspect of nature, from magnetic fields to spiral galaxies and the inner ear. Plants and shells grow in spiral formations and Mother Nature releases her fury in the spiral of tornado and the hurricane. The Celtic peoples and their ancestors used the spiral to represent the natural world and the spiritual mysteries of life.
The three-pronged Spiral of Life at the entrance to the megalithic passage tomb at Newgrange in Ireland symbolized the secred cycle of birth, death and rebirth.
The Celtic triskelion, a three-pronged spiral within a circle, is also said to represent the Triple Goddess and our triple relationship with the earth, our self and the divine.

In the metaphysical world Soapstone is said to give off calming energy, creates positivity and helps one prepare for life changes.

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