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Gandhanra Handmade Tibetan Steelyard Balance,steelyard, or stilyard,Tibetan Tool Ornament, Made of Thunder Iron,Copper Wire Inlay

Gandhanra Handmade Tibetan Steelyard Balance,steelyard, or stilyard,Tibetan Tool Ornament, Made of Thunder Iron,Copper Wire Inlay





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❤This Steelyard Balance is collected from Hepo Town Baiyu County Tibet,it's a It is the living tool and measuring tool of Tibetans, made of cold iron,inlaied with copper wire, the shape is Bird head (head) ,very delicate and rare. ❤Its measurement is the Tibetan unit of measurement, but it is not accurate enough, it is only collected as a handicraft,an ornament. A steelyard balance, steelyard, or stilyard is a straight-beam balance with arms of unequal length. It incorporates a counterweight which slides along the longer arm to counterbalance the load and indicate its weight. ❤Details 100% Handmade Pendant material:cold iron, copper wire inlaid. Length: 19cm / 5.9inches ❤All our crafts are directly handmade from Tibet. When you purchase this craft it helps and support the artisan and their families in Tibet. Your support is highly appreciated. ———————————————————————————————— ❤ABOUT Thokcha -Thunder Iron Thokcha (Tibetan: ཐོག་ལྕགས, གནམ་ལྕགས) are tektites and meteorites which serve as amulets.Typically high in iron content, also called Thunder Iron,Cold Iron.These are traditionally believed to contain a magical, protective power comparable to Tibetan dzi beads. Most thokcha are made of a copper alloy. Thogchags or Thokcha are worn as amulets by Tibetans, specifically people of the Himalayan regions, for spiritual protection and healing. Created in several forms, they often depict tantric deities, sacred animals, auspicious symbols, and mantras. Many represent ritual supports such as a mirror, phurba, or vajra. Some pieces may be abstract in nature, and the meaning of the form has since been lost in antiquity. Further research is still in the process. Other Thokcha were simply used as ancient arrow points, buckles, body armour, or even old horse trappings. ❤ABOUT Tibetan Steelyard Balance The steelyard comprises a balance beam which is suspended from a Lever/pivot or fulcrum which is very close to one end of the beam. The two parts of the beam which flank the pivot are the arms. The arm from which the object to be weighed (the load) is hung is short and is located close to the pivot point. The other arm is longer, is graduated and incorporates a counterweight which can be moved along the arm until the two arms are balanced about the pivot, at which time the weight of the load is indicated by the position of the counterweight. The steelyard exemplifies the law of the lever, wherein, when balanced, the weight of the object being weighed, multiplied by the length of the short balance arm to which it is attached, is equal to the weight of the counterweight multiplied by the distance of the counterweight from the pivot.
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