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Handmade Antique Gau Ghau Shrine, Round Gau Box

Handmade Antique Gau Ghau Shrine, Round Gau Box

Gandhanra Gau Box



⚒Materials: White Copper


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Gandhanra Handmade Antique Gau Ghau Shrine, Round Gau Box, Mini Tibetan Buddhist Altar Amulet Pendant

❤These Gau box are collected from Tibet,handmade antique mini buddhist alter pandent,amulet, different shap and made of different material. You can make it into a necklace, or a keychain, or just put it on your desk,as an ornament.

❤All our crafts are directly purchased from small artisans in Tibet. When you purchase it helps and support the artisan and their families in Tibet. Your support is highly appreciated.

❤DETAILS 100% Handmade Pendant material:copper ,silver, cold iron Size: Height: 1.5cm width:2.8cm Thickness: 1.5cm

❤Gau Shrine: A "Gau" or "Ghau" is a Tibetan Buddhist amulet container or prayer box, usually made of metal like silver, brass, copper or gold, and can be worn as jewellery if small enough. They are portable shrines that opens to a concealed inner space, and is traditionally used by Tibetan Buddhists to hold a picture of their favourite diety or Lama, a folded up scroll of sacred mantras, special herbs or sacred relics, and prayer flags. - This Tibetan Gau Portable Shrine can be worn hanging from the neck or from a waist sash or belt.

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