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Gandhanra Antique Tibetan Thokcha Amulet Pendant,Chenrezig,Four Armed Padmapani, Made of Cold Iron,Mini Size

Gandhanra Antique Tibetan Thokcha Amulet Pendant,Chenrezig,Four Armed Padmapani, Made of Cold Iron,Mini Size





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?This Chenrezig amulet is handmade by Tibetan craftsmen,from Hepo Town, Baiyu County, the birthplace of the famous Tibetan handicrafts.

You can make it into a necklace, or a keychain, or just put it in your gau box or shirne.

100% Handmade
Pendant material:cold iron
Length: 30mm /1.18 inches
Width:18mm /0.7 inches

?ABOUT Chenrezig
Chenrezig is visualized in many forms, with various numbers of faces and arms, and various colors and ornaments. Here we are discussing the white four-armed form with one face, the one illustrated here, which is the most common visualization.

This manifestation of Chenrezig is the radiant white Buddha form which represents purity and power of the enlightened mind¡¯s loving kindness and compassion. He should be seen as a somewhat transparent, rainbow like form, like a reflection in water, which represents the empty/open aspect of awakened mind; we cannot latch on to Chenrezig with our concepts ¡ª he transcends the solidification of concepts, including our idea that he is ¡°out there,¡± separate from us.

He sits on a lotus and the flat disc of the moon, with another moon disk behind him, reflecting his total purity. Two of his four arms are joined in the prayer position holding the wish fulfilling gem. In his other left hand he holds a lotus flower and in his other right hand, a crystal mala (rosary), which he is using to count the repetitions of his mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, which liberates all beings from suffering. He wears the silks and ornaments of a Bodhisattva, representing all his special qualities, and the soft skin of an antelope over his shoulder, symbolizing his complete freedom from violence.

He smiles with deep understanding, love and compassion as his eyes look upon all beings ¡ª just like a mother watching her only child.

?ABOUT Gandhanra
We're artisans from Hepo Township, Baiyu County,Tibetan. We use ancient Tibetan handicrafts to make Tibetan Buddhist instruments.
All our crafts are directly handmade from Tibet.
When you purchase this craft it helps and support our artisan and our families in Tibet.
Your support is highly appreciated.

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