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Gandhanra Antique Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel,for Chant and Meditation,Large Size 32" Long

Gandhanra Antique Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel,for Chant and Meditation,Large Size 32" Long





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This large size prayer wheel was collected from Gengqing Monastery, handmade by Tibetan craftsmen over 50 years.
After countless times of chanting and use by the monks in the temple, it is full of energy.

This kind of giant prayer wheel is rare,generally used in buddhist tample.
It weighs about 3kg and is 82cm/32.3 inches in length.
The handle is made of wood and wrapped with sterling silver engraved cloud,flower and lotus patterns.
The top prayer wheel is hand-sewn from cowhide and filled with mani stones,the outside is inlaid with turquoise and ruby.
The height is about 28cm/11 inches, it is divided into 3 layers, the diameter of the second layer is 60cm/23.6 inches, the diameter of the first layer is 32cm/12.6inches , and the top is a stupa carved in brass.

?ABOUT Prayer Wheel
A prayer wheel is a cylindrical wheel (Tibetan: ????????, Wylie: 'khor lo) on a spindle made from metal, wood, stone, leather, or coarse cotton, widely used in Tibet and areas where Tibetan culture is predominant.

Traditionally, a mantra is written in Ranjana script or Tibetan script, on the outside of the wheel. The mantra Om mani padme hum is most commonly used, but other mantras may be used as well.

Also sometimes depicted are dakinis, Protectors and very often the eight auspicious symbols (ashtamangala). At the core of the cylinder is a "life tree" often made of wood or metal with certain mantras written on or wrapped around it. Many thousands (or in the case of larger prayer wheels, millions) of mantras are then wrapped around this life tree.

According to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition based on the lineage texts regarding prayer wheels, spinning such a wheel will have much the same meritorious effect as orally reciting the prayers.

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