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Gandhanra Antique Tibetan Buddhist Amulet,Original Garuda of the Four Dignities,Buddhist Talisman,Inlaid with Sliver

Gandhanra Antique Tibetan Buddhist Amulet,Original Garuda of the Four Dignities,Buddhist Talisman,Inlaid with Sliver

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❤This Buddhist Garuda Pendant is collect from Jiegu Monastery(Yushu City Tibet), it's a old badge or amulet,about 60 years old. It is made of thokcha, surrounded by a silver protective shell, carved with cross vajra on the back, very delicate. You can make it into a pendant, or a keychain, or just put it on your desk,as an ornament. ❤ABOUT FOUR DIGNITIES Four dignities -Garuda,Dragon,Tiger,Snow Lion. The four dignities are ancient symbols that represent qualities of the windhorse. Many prayer flags show the four dignities with a windhorse in the center. ❤DETIALS 100% Handmade Pendant material:thokcha(cold iron),silver Pattern: original garuda Height: 45mm /1.8 inches Width: 35mm /1.4 inches ❤ABOUT GARUDA Garuda (Skt. garuḍa; Tib. ཁྱུང་, khyung, Wyl. khyung) – a mythical bird-like creature which features in both Buddhist and Hindu lore. They also symbolize various elements of the Buddhist path. The garuda is also one of the four dignities associated with the windhorse. In this context, the garuda represents the fire element. Deity of Protection Garuda is also an important deity of protection. For example: It is one of the Three Deities of the Great Master Vajrapani It is depicted above Vajrakilaya in Vajrakilaya thangkas The practice of Takhyung Barwa combines the practices of Hayagriva, Guru Drakpo, and Garuda. Our Primordial Nature In the Dzogchen teachings, the garuda represents our primordial nature. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying says: The Dzogchen Tantras, the ancient teachings from which the bardo instructions come, speak of a mythical bird, the garuda, which is born fully grown. This image symbolizes our primordial nature, which is already completely perfect. The garuda chick has all its wing feathers fully developed inside the egg, but it cannot fly before it hatches. Only at the moment when the shell cracks open can it burst out and soar into the sky. Similarly, the masters tell us, the qualities of buddhahood are veiled by the body, and as soon as the body is discarded, they will be radiantly displayed. ❤ABOUT Thokcha -Thunder Iron Thokcha (Tibetan: ཐོག་ལྕགས, གནམ་ལྕགས) are tektites and meteorites which serve as amulets.Typically high in iron content, also called Thunder Iron,Cold Iron.These are traditionally believed to contain a magical, protective power comparable to Tibetan dzi beads. Most thokcha are made of a copper alloy. Thogchags or Thokcha are worn as amulets by Tibetans, specifically people of the Himalayan regions, for spiritual protection and healing. Created in several forms, they often depict tantric deities, sacred animals, auspicious symbols, and mantras. Many represent ritual supports such as a mirror, phurba, or vajra. Some pieces may be abstract in nature, and the meaning of the form has since been lost in antiquity. Further research is still in the process. Other Thokcha were simply used as ancient arrow points, buckles, body armour, or even old horse trappings. ❤ABOUT US We're artisans from Hepo Township, Baiyu County,Tibetan. We use ancient Tibetan handicrafts to make Tibetan Buddhist instruments. All our crafts are directly handmade from Tibet. When you purchase this craft it helps and support our artisan and our families in Tibet. Your support is highly appreciated.
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