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Heaven & Earth Dzi Bead

Heaven & Earth Dzi Bead





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This unique Dzi beads was collected and crafted at the year 1990s, have Heaven & Earth(Round and Square) pattern,good color and weathered texture, full of vicissitudes of life.
It is shipped within a deluxe jewelry box,as gifts to friends, significant others, spouses.
Dzi beads are precious jewelry from Tibetan culture which are believed to possess the power of bringing good fortune to the owners, such as protection from ill luck, attracting wealth and prosperity, fostering good health and warding against evil.
Length:39 mm / 1.53" inches
Width: 10 mm / 0.4"inches
ABOUT Heaven & Earth Dzi Bead
The Dzi bead Heaven and Earth balances and leads to harmony two opposite substances - Yin and Yang. These opposites are expressed in the Dzi bead by earth and heaven. Earth corresponds to Yin - the feminine, and the sky - Yang, the masculine.
Usually in life it happens that one of these opposites predominates. Then a person is either overly active, quick-tempered, harsh, or vice versa, passive and always turns out to be a consequence of circumstances.
Dzi bead Heaven and Earth helps balance these two opposing forces, which immediately improves the ability of its owner to live a better life. Flows become balanced, behavior is more adequate, and achieving goals is easier than before.
Description and application of Dzi beads Heaven and Earth
A square on a Dzi bead. Sky denotes the earth. The circle is the designation of the sky. The forces of heaven and earth are combined in this bead in relation to the person who wears this bead. These opposite energies form a single harmonious flow, which helps to achieve your goals.
These opposites also serve to harmonize one's own energies. The flow of energy becomes more pure and harmonious. This helps to achieve balance and harmony in all areas of life. All obstacles and obstacles to your goal and everything that can harm you are cleared. Pleasant things begin to happen and what you dreamed of is coming true.
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