Kalachakra -protection wheel. Tibetan Buddhism Knowledge from Gandhanra

A Kalachakra is a protection wheel also called the “time wheel,” used in Feng Shui for blocking negative energy influences.
The teaching behind the Kalachakra is known to be an incredibly complex and esoteric practice of Tibetan Buddhism. However, as a symbol, it is publicly used for its healing and protective powers.

The Essence of the Symbol Kalachakra is one of the most powerful tantric talismans that comes from the Himalayan region of ancient India.
In Tibet, it is revered along with the famous six-syllable mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” and is found countless times on the books, boxes for amulets, flags that adorn stupas, on prayer mills, on the gates of temples (its image is found on the ruins of the famous Buddhist University of IV-VII centuries in Nalanda in the Indian state of Bihar), and, of course, on the doors and walls of the houses — to protect the shelter, property, and health of their inhabitants.
Kalachakra symbol consists of seven individual syllables combined together.
These syllables are:
ya – black, the disk of the element of wind.
ra – red, the disk of the element of fire.
va – white, the disk of the element of water.
la – yellow, the disk of the element of earth.
ma – multi-colored, the desire realm.
kṣa – green, the form realm.
ha – blue, the formless realm.
In addition, there are three other components to make a total of ten elements within the image:
the crescent – known as a visarga;
the disk or doughnut shape – known as a bindu or anusvāra;
nāda, or wisp with three twists, at the top.
The crescent-shaped visarga is associated here with the sun. Therefore, it is usually depicted as red in color.
The circular-shaped anusvāra is associated with the moon. Therefore, it is usually depicted as white.
Nada is usually depicted in deep blue.
The Incredible Power Of Kalachakra Symbol The symbol appears in a ten fold display of sacred syllables.
Its presence is said to invoke the sacred warriors of Shambhala to guard against all evil energy.
Shambhala is believed to be an ancient secret kingdom hidden somewhere in Asia. It is a fabulous place where every being is enlightened and in sacred harmony.
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